31 January 2014 – Needle in a haystack, or tablet in a ditch

It was sad leaving, but leaving the site rather than Ushuaia.

Hit the road at 9:30 for the return trip to Rio Grande. Have decided the easiest thing to do is return to the hotel I used before. Horrendously expensive, but it’s seconds off Ruta 3, has fast wifi to catch up on posting photos and I can do loads of washing, which is becoming a priority as am down to my last shirt.

Was disappointed not to be able to say goodbye to my German neighbours, but they were understandably having a lay in after a long second day hiking at the National Park.

Weather dull and uninspiring for photographs, which was nice as it excused me from stopping along the way, so I could just enjoy the 130 mile ride.

Saw 4 pairs of cyclists on the way. You’ve got to take your hat off to them. Overtook the Australian lady and her partner, just like she said I would. They were 75 miles from Ushuaia, which had taken them an afternoon, a full day and half of this morning.

One pair were stopped by the side of the road, so I slowed to see if they were OK. The lady of the crew was putting on an extra jacket and her partner was holding the bike steady for her in the wind.

Twenty five miles from Rio Grande I waved to a moto at the roadside. I’d slowed down incase they were in trouble, which allowed me to recognize my Canadian friends from the end of Ruta 3. Swung the bike round as you would.

They had actually done the trip yesterday and the wind had been so strong it had opened the zip on their tank bag and they’d lost a load of contents, including their computer tablet with loads of their photos on it. They failed to find it yesterday, but tried again today by walking 2.5 kms along the roadside ditch. They’d just found it and it was still working.

They followed me to my hotel and we agreed to meet for dinner there at 7:30, which is great news. They are staying about 8 blocks away. I don’t know had far that is, but not far I’m told.

Added good news is the guy on the hotel desk recognized me, so I asked for a returning customer rate. He knocked of 10%.

I’ve heard a lot about a Chilean ferry, which goes once a week from Puerto Natales to Pedro Montt. It takes three nights and goes all through the Chilean fjords, only briefly being in the open sea. Costs $500 US for the bed (shared cabin I’m assuming) and $85,000 Chilean for the bike. Tried to book it online this afternoon, but there’s something wrong with their site. Have sent them an email asking if there is  availability for the next two Tuesdays. I’ve heard about it from three separate people over the last 2 days and I quite fancy it myself.

Where I've spent my afternoon

Where I’ve spent my afternoon

4 thoughts on “31 January 2014 – Needle in a haystack, or tablet in a ditch


    Fantastic photos throught out, you really get a sense of the space, openess, vast size of it, your adventure is growing and nice to feel you are relaxing to a pace that you are happy with. Seems to be a fantastic adventure so far with so much more to come.

  2. Richard Duxbury

    Good learning curve around checking the zip on tank bags in a high wind! Noted also that you having a really good time Mike which is brilliant and clearly well fed over the last few days! Take care. Richard

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